Our Approach

Peat free organic compost

The ethos that defines the way we run our business and our home is based purely around what is good for the earth. Not just the soil we grow on, but the land in general and how we will leave it for future generations.

Photographing and watching the bees buzz around on our flowers is a favourite pastime

On our plot we grow using environmentally friendly methods. We care for and nurture our soil structure with as little disturbance as possible without the use of chemicals. We make our own compost and any that we buy in is organic, and peat free.

We use as many biodegradable and compostable materials as we can to eliminate single use plastic. The plastic materials we do have such as seedling pots and watering cans, we look after so they last for many years. We use natural twine over plastic wire ties and try to let nature eradicate the pests. We jump for joy when lady bugs arrive to feast on aphids. We plant wild flowers just for the bees. We only use organic eco friendly sprays when absolutely necessary.

We keep our grass paths mowed, while we plant wild grass seed in patched for all the tiny insects. We invest in our soil, and water only by hand. We purchase our seeds from reputable suppliers who share our ethos. In return we are rewarded with beautiful healthy fragrant blooms. Safe to smell and safe to bring into your home.

If our flowers stocks are too low to keep up with orders, we buy in flowers and foliage from other local British growers who share our growing ethos.

A hand tied bouquet

In our home studio we use recycled and or recyclable materials. Paper, natural twine and cardboard are common. Recycled jam jars are used for posies. We reuse any packaging that we receive from our suppliers. This extends to the packaging we use for our own seeds, and the materials we use to post these to our customers.

In our home we are eradicating single use plastic where we can and reducing the chemicals we use. We are not perfect and we are learning as we go. We do however consider the environmental impact in all of our day to day choices and dream of one day being as self sufficient as we can.

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