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Our seeds are sown, grown and harvested as a complete cycle, by us in our home garden and on our allotment in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Our seeds are open pollinated – non GMO, meaning they are produced naturally and pollinated by wind, birds or insects. Our seeds are often packed as mixed colour varieties, unless otherwise stated.

Our passion is for local, seasonal and sustainable floristry, and we believe this also includes consideration of where, and how seeds are produced. We are excited to extend our range further this season to include 8 varieties of hardy annuals and biennials. This will be our 4th seasons offering out sweet pea seeds that will produce the flowers of the 5th generation mix where our flower growing journey began.

Our seed selection is perfect for the home gardener who wants to create a cutting patch or add annuals to their borders. Our seeds are fresh and all harvested and packed by hand this season.

As David and I prepare for our move to Australia at the end of Autumn, we cannot take our seeds with us. Our wish is that you will all carry on growing and collecting our seeds to enjoy for many years to come.

Please browse our seeds below, and purchase through our Etsy Shop via this link:

Please note seeds can only be sold and posted within Great Britain.

The first orders will be posted on Wednesday 21st of September, followed by weekly postings each Wednesday.

Sweet Pea Seeds


The most nostalgic flowers to grow in your garden. Our sweet peas are full of scent and beauty, while being super easy to grow. It’s where our growing journey started 6 years ago and we are so happy to share our seeds with you to experience #thesweetpeajoy

Sow seeds in autumn or late winter, undercover in deep seed pots or root trainers. Plant out in spring, 15cm apart to climb up supports. Will reach up to 1.8m and continue to cut flowers to encourage more buds.

Ammi Majus


A beautiful umbellifer flower that resembles lacework. Ammi is delicate and frothy, while providing structure to a boarder. A stunning cut flower on its own in a vase. or mixed arrangement.

Sow undercover in autumn or late winter, plant out in late early winter or spring 30cm apart. May need staking if sown in the autumn. Deadhead flowers to ensure a long supply through early to midsummer.



Towering spikes of delicate flower petals make a gorgeous addition to the back or a flower bed, as well as a beautiful addition to flower arrangements. This mix is made of white and misty lavender.

Sow in autumn or late winter, a hardy plant that will take off and flower in spring right through the early summer. Can reach 2 meters tall and will need supporting, depending on your local conditions and spacing. Plant out 30cm apart or closer to self support. Larkspur will self seed well, if allowed. If sowing in Autumn, freeze seeds beforehand and they will need the cold to kickstart germination.



“Love-In-The-Mist” this romantic beauty is stunning either in a garden bed, a flower arrangement, or when left to produce its gorgeous seed heads. This mix consists of mainly blue and white flowers, with some doubles.

Sow seeds in autumn or late winter, plant out in spring and space 22cm apart. This beauty will grow up to 60cm and will provide months of beauty. An easy to grow, good all rounder.

Poppy – Papaver Somniferum


A gorgeous giant poppy that produces beautiful, yet delicate flowers that fall to produce a lovely big seed head. I use these both fresh and dried in flower arranging.

Poppy seeds will direct sow well, in rows 30cm part in early spring. They do not like root disturbance, so if sowing in seed trays be gentle with the root ball.



This Black ball variety of cornflower adds a richness in colour to your garden and will continue flowering for months. A long-lasting cut flower that dries well retaining its colour.

As with most hardy annuals, you can sow in Autumn or late winter undercover. I prefer a late winter or even early spring sowing, to keep the plant smaller and manageable. Will reach 1.2m if you dead head hard, the plant will continue to grow bushy and abundant with flowers. space 22cm apart when planting out. Well suited to direct sowing, will self-seed well.



Sunset Apricot is by far my most favourite wallflower. It has a peachy apricot hue that looks divine with late flowering daffodils and tulips, for an early spring display. Also makes a wonderful cut flower that I adore using in spring.

Wallflowers are a biennial, meaning you sow in summer for flowers the following spring. Later sowing may not produce flowers in their first year.

Lunaria Annua


Honesty produces delicate purple flowers, that grow into the most beautiful seed heads. The seed pod when pealed, are silvery white and make a wonderful dried flower or decoration for Christmas time.

Honesty is a biennial, meaning you sow in summer for flowers the following spring. Later sowing may not produce flowers in their first year.

Dried Flower Posy


For a very limited time, I am offering small, dried flower posies to be posted out across Great Brittian. I have included these here if you’d like to add one to your seed order. Please note the image below is to indicate size of the posy. Each posy is created individually, and colours and flowers will vary. If you have a colour preference, you are welcome to email me after your purchase and I will accommodate as best I can.

Vase not included

Dried posies will be wrapped in tissue and make a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one. The vase in the image is not included, however depicts a suitable size vase that the arrangement would fit in.

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