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Three of my favourite images recently captured to perfectly depict the current season. A little reminder there is always beauty in nature, you just need to seek it out and take notice. When you do, it’s sure to make you smile.

Coastal Wildflowers

Late Spring flowers on our windowsill

Rapeseed fields captures at golden hour

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A seasonal journal entry written in the early days of spring. March brings with it the beginning of spring and most importantly the return of the flowers. The beautiful early spring flowers arrived just in time for Mothering Sunday this year. Having a small amount of flowers to harvest and arrange with has made meContinue reading “March”


A seasonal journal entry written in the final weeks of winter. February really is the month of ups and downs, backwards and forwards. Like a roller-coaster that gently climbs up toward a bright blue sky, then falls so fast straight back down to earth, with some twists and turns along the way. The early daysContinue reading “February”


A seasonal journal in the middle of winter Since moving to the UK in 2016, I have always found January to be the hardest month of the year. We go from December’s festivities full of cheer, colourful lights and Christmas trees. Then comes January, appearing as the bearer of a long, dark, cold month. TheContinue reading “January”

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