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Thank you for joining us to read my very first blog post.

For quite some time I’ve had the urge to write. I very much enjoy sharing my photography through Instagram. The words I put to those posts mean so much to me. I’ve been humbled with recent feedback from some of my lovely Insta mates that you really enjoy reading my posts, and look forward to them. So I feel I should thank you for encouraging me, and reassuring me that there are people out there interested in hearing my words. People who are enjoying my seasonal storytelling and read in full my sometimes long winded posts.

I see this “Seasonal Journal” being an extension of our Instagram page. A place for me to share so much more of the things I am passionate about. Although I have no formal training in writing, I have always loved the almost therapeutic benefit of getting thoughts out of my head. To record them and note them down somewhere. When I was younger I struggled to find my voice. It was difficult to talk about my deepest feelings and emotions, so I would write. If there was something I needed to explain or tell someone, I would write them a letter. As I got older (I’m talking well into to my 30’s) I learnt to talk and express myself and to improve my verbal communication. I stopped the need to write my feelings down, yet I’ve still always carried this desire to simply share through words.

Candle light on a rainy windowsill

I’ve had many ideas of what I could blog about over the years. Some that come to mind include being an expat living in England, my love of travel, photography, flowers in general. I could never really define my target audience, or decide on my topic I never started. Without me even realising it, I’ve slowly, organically evolved The Fox and Dingo Instagram page. From what started as an online vintage shop, now follows our seasonal flower growing journey. This space has given me a clear defined audience, and my topic, or topics I should say, were right there staring me in the face.

I was out on a frosty walk last week taking photos when it suddenly hit me, I wanted to write a book. I could clearly see it in my head. It was, without sounding too cliché, an inspirational defining moment. While that will be my long term wish that I’m putting out into the universe, I took a few steps back from my defining moment and thought, start small, start with a blog.

a perfect sunset over our back fence

My plan is to share a seasonal journal published in roughly the middle of each month. I will write about much of the similar topics I share on Instagram. Seasonal joys, changes in nature, little moments that make me smile. What we are doing that month on the allotment. What’s in season on the plot that we are cooking with, what flowers are blooming or seeds we are sowing…. you get the point. However my main objective is to really inspire others to take notice of these little seasonal changes. To find joy in the middle of a long dark winter. To appreciate a warm spring day, or a perfect sunset. To jump in frozen puddles and let life’s worries pass for a few moments.

I have suffered on and off most of my adult life with bouts of severe depression and acute anxiety. While I don’t talk about it often, most people who suffer from mental illness will understand these are life long illness’ that do not ever really go away. I have learnt to manage my thoughts and live a more balanced life. After my last very low point a couple of years ago where my anxiety grounded me to a halt, I turned to nature. I used photography, I turned to the flowers to help me heal. Also a fair amount of therapy and support from my family helped too. ( you can read a little more about this on the “Our Story” page of the website)

raindrops on sweet peas, “these are a few of my favourite things”

I am now at a point I have dreamed to be for many years. A point where I am well enough, and feel strong enough to share in hope to help others. Obviously I am not a doctor or a phycologist and if you’re experiencing a mental health illness that is absolutely who you should go to for care. I want to inspire. I want to share my journey, the things that feed my soul and fill up my cup. I want to remind you that although these joys may be different for us all. What unites us is the fact that when we stop to notice and celebrate the small joys, the small moments the feelings of happiness and contentment. It’s those fleeting moments that become the big moments. The ones that keep us going and the ones will remember.

in my happy place sowing seeds

So now that you know a little more about me, and what my Seasonal Journal will entail, I hope you’ll subscribe to receive our monthly posts. The first of which will be published this Sunday and I’m oh so excited to share so much more with you.

Much love, Lauren xx

If you are struggling with mental illness, please reach out to your friends, family and doctor, you can follow the link below to some wonderful places that can also support you:

Within the United Kingdom:


Within Australia:


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