Our plans for this growing season, and some little winter joys.

A seasonal journal entry reflecting on winter joys and sharing our plans for 2022.

Hello, and a very (late) happy new year! I hope you’re all well and having a good start to the year. It’s been a while since I wrote in this space, yet I really want to write and share here with you more this year as I often have so much more to say than can be shared in a single Instagram post. This year I’ve decided I’ll keep the gram more for the pretty pictures and quick thoughts and updates, while I’ll use this space to share the words my soul wants to pour out into the world. Todays post is more of an update and chatting general business, the more soulful stuff will come soon I promise.

I thought first up, I’d give you a little update on how we plan to run our flower business this season. You might have read on an Instagram post I shared back in November that I left my full time day job. The main reason I did this, was to have some time to prepare for a move we have been planning for a very long time. We thought it was close, and now its seems to be pushed back again, held up in administration and Covid delays like so many other things. I now find myself completely self employed and working full time on The Fox and Dingo. This was not what I’d intended for this year, yet it seems to be happening and so I am nervous and excited to pour my energy in, and hoping with every ounce of me it works. For the moment I’m happily filling my days with small preparations for the season ahead, while having plenty of time to catch up on life, which was almost impossible while trying to do both jobs last year. I’m a big believer in life taking me in the direction I am supposed to go, so I’m confident this is the right time, I mean who is ever really ready to follow their dreams? So I am leaping in and hoping you will all catch and support me.

The most difficult thing is we don’t actually have any idea when our move will be, and so it’s a tricky thing to be sowing seeds for a season we may see through to the end, or be leaving our plot full of flowers left to bloom for the next caretakers. I have a desire to spread my wings and go big, yes my wings are still a little restrained until the next stage can really happen. The only way I can deal with this predicament is to simply take things month by month and continue growing until we move to our new growing space. That my dear friends of Salisbury is why we will need your support this season more than ever. Not only will will every bunch of flowers or packets of seed be now financially supporting me, it will also be helping to grow our business so that it can thrive for many years to come, and for our dreams to become a reality. I will forever be eternally grateful to you all.

I have spent much of January hibernating, which is what I believe the month is intended for. After a busy December full of Christmas markets and wreath making, it has been nice to be able to slow right down. All the plot has needed from me is to keep a watchful eye on the autumn sown seedlings in the tunnel, and to finish mulching the beds, to provide their winter blanket.

We’ve been taking early sunrise walks in the cold fresh air, then retreating to the cosy warmth of the house. Time has been spent reading, cooking and creating with the last of our dried flowers. I’ve been lighting all the candles, taking warm baths all the while plotting, planning and wondering how long we will be here for. I’ve also had a wisdom tooth extracted this month, and had to complete my tax return, so it hasn’t been all relaxing hibernation and candle lit baths. It has been a good month though. I’m putting this down to two things things, the lack of January high wind and sideways rain, and my attitude. I’m really trying to live in the present season, to not earn for Spring and I do get a little better at the each year. If you are struggling through January, just a little reminder, we are now passing through midwinter and each day is getting a little longer. Look for those signs of nature changing, and remember it’s less than 5 weeks till March.

Our Hellebores have started flowering and wow, what a joy! I’m so glad I planted these last winter, their flowers shooting up through the cold frozen soil, what tough little things they are. I’ve had these two stems in a vase for 21 days since I took this photo, and they are still beautiful and making me smile every day.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this month, on how we proceed with actually selling our flowers this year, and so I want to really focus on what I have enjoyed the most over the past few seasons and that if gift bouquets and arrangements. I love everything about them, from harvesting, arranging wrapping, and writing personal notes from the sender. The best part is always seeing the recipients face when I knock on their door and they see the thoughtful gift a loved one has sent, that I have created. If you are sending flowers to a friend in Salisbury, please think of us, your support really will mean the world to me.

We are currently stocking our dried flower arrangements in two locations in Salisbury. The beautiful plant jungle that is Botanic Folk on Fisherton Street, if you’re an indoor plant lover, this shop is a must visit! As well as Blueberry Den on Winchester Street, who also have some of our cut flower seeds and indoor potted bulbs in stock.

I am also exited to continue regularly stocking the wonderful Blueberry Den with our fresh flowers. They are a zero waste shop, with sustainability at the forefront of what they do, it is the perfect fit for our fresh flowers. It means Salisbury locals can support two small independent businesses, that care about the environment, at the same time. It really is a win win for us all.

Last seasons biggest struggle was having enough flowers at the right time. Some flowers not being ready soon enough, or blowing too soon. Each season I learn more and grow better, however I’ve come to the realisation that our tiny little patch just can’t do it all. And so we have decided to lean on other local growers when we need it. As this will be our last season on our little allotment, we can’t justify adding perennials, or really investing, plus we just don’t have the space. I will be ordering foliage and some flowers to top up our own supply from some wonderful local and British growers who share our ethos and care about the importance of British flowers like we do. All blooms we do order in will be seasonal, and align with our appreciation of the natural growing season.

Our Spring bulbs are starting to grow, the first buds are forming on our daffodils, yet we are still six to eight weeks away from having a harvestable bunch of tulips, and so I am delighted to let you all know, we will be ordering in from our fellow growers in Cornwall (where the climate is a little milder) outdoor grown daffodils and scented narcissi to help us kickstart the season. Bunches of cheery yellow blooms will be available from this Friday at Blueberry Den on Winchester Street. They will be the perfect pick me up to farewell January, and add some colour to those grey days.

I have considered a few times offering nation wide postage on our flowers, though my preference is always to supply local first, so I will make more of a decision on this as we get closer to our season really getting started. Huge thanks to those of you who gave feedback on this in an Instagram poll I recently ran!

We will be offering fresh seasonal arrangements for Valentines day, as well as some gorgeous dried arrangements I have created, more details on those coming very soon. For now, it’s Cornish daffodils for the weekend, and we will go from there.

Sending lots of love to you all, Lauren x

Thanks so much for joining us and reading our monthly seasonal journal. I’d love you to join in the conversation in the comments field below. How you are feeling this month, and what is bringing you joy?

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  1. Lovely to hear your news and in particular where we can buy your flowers. Out of interest, why the name Fox and Dingo?!

    1. Thanks so much for reading Lucinda, I’m so glad you enjoyed my post! My husband David is British and I am Australian, they therefore are our pet names for each other.

  2. Always so nice to read you posts Loz, and happy to hear your plans for the coming months ! Good luck

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